DIAL Project

The DIAL Project

How the shadow of the tallest sundial in the world makes it possible to see the earth spin

A Time Lapse movie of the shadow of Dubai's Burj Khalifa near the Winter Solstice of 2016

Concept: Roberto Casati (ENS EHESS PSL)
Project Design: Roberto Casati (ENS EHESS PSL) and Goffredo Puccetti (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Project Implementation: Goffredo Puccetti (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Engineering: Matt Karau (NYU Abu Dhabi) and students Koh Terai, Vassily Rudchenko (NYU Abu Dhabi)
Funding: PSL-DIAL 2016-2018


Making of of the Burj Khalifa shadow time lapse:

How to shoot a scientific movie atop the tallest building in the world.

Project DIAL (PSL NYU): Roberto Casati and Goffredo Puccetti

with the collaboration of Matt Karau, Koh Terai, Vasily Rudchenko, Glen Lomax and Samaneh Yasaei